2020 Sustainability Report

Road traffic and transport in Switzerland During 2021 we will be replacing our oldest lorries (still Euro 5). Then all our lorries will comply with the current Euro 6 emissions regulations. We anticipate that this will also enable us to reduce our fuel consumption per kilometre a little more. For this report- ing period, we had set ourselves the goal of reducing the number of kilometres driven when delivering our products to a minimum. Naturally, we try to plan our routes even more efficiently, but it has become apparent that no further big improvements can be made. It’s a question of finding a compromise between meeting customer expectations and planning the best route. Lorries account for about 30% of fuel consumption at the Bützberg site (29% in 2019, 31% in 2020). That is to say, over two-thirds of the fuel consumption is due to the cars used by our sales force, senior managers and service and installation technicians. We want to try to reduce that proportion and in future switch to electric vehicles where it makes sense and is feasible. Transport in other markets Outside Switzerland, our products are delivered by specialist furniture removal companies. We intend to retain this system for the time being. Packaging During this reporting period we have revised the packaging system at our subsidiary com- pany, Boreal. Our aim was to use less packaging material and to avoid plastic. To a certain extent we have been able to improve the situation by using environmentally-friendly and single-type materials such as cardboard packaging. However, we have also found that as soon as the packaging is reduced, the damage during transportation starts to increase. And when it came to the choice of materials, we soon hit the buffers. Often, sustainable packaging materials are not suitable for our purposes, too expensive or simply not available to Boreal in Serbia. There is currently only scope for minor improvements in this area. Roland Ammann “ Two-thirds of the fuel consumption is by cars and trucks. Here we want to try to switch to electric vehicles where it makes sense and is feasible. ” Roland Ammann Head of Production and Logistics, Girsberger AG Ecology Logistics (Road traffic, transport and packaging) 55